My Work

The Internet Science Fiction Database isn’t a complete list of work published under my own name but it’s pretty darn close.

In addition to being a writer, I am also an illustrator and graphic designer. Here’s an external link to my portfolio on

My Amazon author page.

Online links:

Clocktower Press editions

DragonScale Editions

The Bohemian Magician (Not available in Kindle edition from Amazon.)

Readict editions

  • Time-Lost High
  • An End to Housework
  • The Bohemian Magician

Azure Spider Editions

  • Jersey Ghouls
  • Philly Ghouls

Most Recent Publications:

The Mystery of Edith Curtsey (Kindle edition) – Black Cat Weekly #129, February 2024

An Adventure Aloft (stand-alone Kindle edition) – Black Cat Weekly #111, October 2023

The Adventure of the Accelerationist (Kindle edition) – Black Cat Weekly #76, February 2023

Lady Corwynne’s Legacy (Kindle edition) – Black Cat Weekly #42, June 2022

Most Recent Sales:

June 8, 2024: The Matter of Time, to Michael Bracken at Black Cat Weekly, for a future issue.

Other Recent Sales:

Moon Dragon – Schlock Webzine, October 2022
Paperback edition
Kindle edition

Of Two Minds – Stupefying Stories, August 2023

Guest Blog Appearances:

Ghostwriting: Not as Scary as it Sounds” June 2021


  • In a Cat’s Eye (Kindle edition) – story Three Wizards and a Cat, Pole to Pole Publishing, 2016
  • Into the Deep (Kindle edition) – story A Vision of Things Not Seen, Jazz House Publications 2021