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Effective web content converts bits of useful or entertaining information into "bytes."
Whether it's complex industry terminology translated for the layman, book reviews on quantum consciousness, cataloging twenty memorable sci-fi musicals or how to make a perfect omelet, the prose must be accurate, lively and concise.

Fictionwise (pay site):
Working Quantum Consciousness:
“If the quantum consciousness idea is correct,” says Stuart Hameroff, “our brains/minds are connected to the deepest level of the universe.”
We usually don’t spend much time wondering how, or even why, we think. We build a sense of self, an “I,” out of a vast flood of ever-changing information beyond the processing capability of even the most advanced supercomputer. But Hameroff and a few others, including cosmologist Paola Zizzi and physicist Roger Penrose, are formulating theories that have astonishing, mind-warping implications. If the essence of our consciousness is quantum information embedded in the fundamental geometry of spacetime, it can never actually be destroyed -- even after our bodies die. As Hameroff notes, these data may even hang together by quantum entanglement in a distributed way.
All of this is wildly contradictory to the behaviorist view of consciousness, which has guided research into the way we think for the better part of the last hundred years. There really isn’t any use discussing the nature of consciousness, the behaviorists claim, because it can’t be measured. That may not hold true any longer. Modern neuroscience has begun to show that the brain does indeed change its structure and chemistry as processes such as vision and remembering occur. Such processes can be seen as the building blocks of the conscious mind. But how do they link up?

Twenty Memorable Sci-Fi Musicals:
Neil Gaiman's best-selling novel Coraline, which has already been adapted for the screen, will soon inspire yet another incarnation—a stage musical. Tickets for the production, with music and lyrics by Stephin Merritt, go on sale today. Coraline opens May 7 at Manhattan's MCCTheater.
But isn't a musical about a little girl who crosses over into a strange parallel world a bit too weird for the stage? Actually, it's not as bizarre as it seems. There have been sci-fi and fantasy musicals based on classic films (Forbidden Planet), comic-book characters (It's a Bird, It's a Plane, it's Superman!), and even H.P. Lovecraft (Shoggoth on the Roof).
Check out these 20 other musicals that have melded sci-fi and fantasy with song and dance, and discover which were hits and which flopped.

Area 51: The Musical
Shenanigans in and around the notorious secret military base in the Nevada desert.
Debut: 2000
Fun fact: Babylon 5's Claudia Christian sang on the cast album.
Hit or miss? The stage version has been produced in only limited runs.

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