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Maybe you call it collateral, or promotional literature. Maybe it's a poster, a web page, a press release or a brochure. Whatever nomenclature you use, your presence in print gets the word out, educates and sells.
Lucid prose, clean lines, and strong graphics combine to make your best impression.

Artsbridge (NJ) newsletter - 89K pdf file
Artsbridge (NJ) poster - 70 K pdf file
Prallsville Mill (NJ) brochure / outside - 50K pdf file
Prallsville Mill (NJ) brochure / inside - 155K pdf file
eCornell Client Services One-pager - 195K pdf file
eCornell Differentiators One-pager - 242K pdf file
eCornell Research One-pager - 165K pdf file
JAMA article abstract - html page

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