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Since a ghostwriter is often hired to write works officially credited to another person, I am not at liberty to divulge titles of the novels, short stories, and white papers that have been published.
I can tell you that my rates are reasonable, my research impeccable and that I have never missed a deadline.
After learning the size and scope of your project, I can give you an accurate quote.
Don't take my word for my expertise... here's what a number of satisfied clients have to say:

Al was contracted to ghost write a full-length novel of 100,000 words. He delivered the manuscript well before the deadline and required no oversight from the project manager to do so. As an acquisitions editor with more than a decade of experience I was pleasantly surprised to see that despite completing the project quickly and with no guidance from the editing team, the manuscript he submitted was of sound composition and full of delightful material. I would absolutely recommend Al as a ghost writer. – R.F.

When I told the founder of my writer’s workshop, a former CBS correspondent, I was looking for an editor for my story collection he recommended I contact Al Sirois. After a few rounds of correspondence, Al and I agreed to terms that included line editing and also content editing where he thought a story could be improved. He meticulously line edited the manuscript and pointed out specific areas of stories he felt were weak and suggested ways to strengthen characters and make the story more powerful. Al even cited reference materials and suggested books on the craft of storytelling. In some cases I changed parts of a story, cut other parts and changed more than one story ending. Al demonstrated a high degree of care and professionalism with my collection and it was evident that he took pride in his job as an editor. I am now in the query process for an agent and/or publisher for my collection and feel more confident with my manuscript and stories. – J.B.

Al Sirois is an exceptional writer, researcher, and his knowledge of all things sci-fi, future, past, and present are nothing short of remarkable. If you’re looking for an author to assist in a writing project, Al is your man— you can’t go wrong. I highly recommend Al Sirois for all your writing needs, especially those relating to science fiction. He’s also prompt, courteous, and professional. – P.K.

Al was instrumental in developing an outline for a complete, complex, and satisfying story that needed to be told. He deeply cared about my world and my characters as much as I did, and brought new ideas to the table that enriched both greatly. I give him my highest recommendation. – A.Y.

Al is an excellent developmental editor. – Jonathan Maberry, multiple Stoker Award-winning author.