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A Nebula Award and Pushcart Prize nominated author, my fiction has appeared in Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Magazine, Fantastic, Amazing Stories, and many other outlets. My body of work includes novels, novellas, short stories and flash fiction.

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Tales of the Zombie War:
Station Break

     The first indication Gil Pevney had that anything was wrong was when the power blipped, just past 3:30 am. He was sitting in the station’s small common room with his feet up on a table eating his lunch: a sardine sandwich. It was a little silly to call a meal eaten at that hour “lunch,” but as it was the second meal of his day, “lunch” would have to suffice.
     “Aw, shoot,” he said as darkness enveloped him. He waited expectantly for the backup generator to come online, and relaxed when he heard it powering up, exactly as it was supposed to do. The generator at the transmitter shack a mile or so away would be doing the same, he knew. Sure enough, within 15 seconds of the outage, the lights came back on.

Flash Fiction Online:
(With Grace Marcus, as Alan Grayce)
A Delivery of Cheesesteaks
     His own saliva wakes him up.
     The icy patch on his face tips him out of the warmth he mustered from the newspapers pitched against the restaurant grate in the alleyway. Gabe checks the clockstrip he filched from a street vendor. 1/10/2015... 7:22 a.m... 18 degrees F... A shelter tonight. He hates being locked in, but it beats frostbite. More from the strip: Center City closed to traffic... Prez speech at Independence Hall.

Fictionwise (pay site):
The Comet Doom

     Rali Ribhu slowly rolled the translucent golden sphere back and forth across the table before the eyes of the fascinated young farmer.
     "You see before you the most powerful aphrodisiac known to man," he crooned, "smuggled under threat of death out of the harems of M'nath. With the aid of this potent distillate, the terrible cannibal king of that island is known to service ten or twelve concubines in an evening."

Fictionwise (pay site):
Stress Management for Time Travelers

     Navin Sanyal materialized in his elegant corner office, shot the cuffs of his Hermès shirt, and sat down hurriedly at his desk. He was typing madly on his laptop when the phone burbled. Its LED panel showed 3521, his supervisor's extension.
     "Goddammit," he grated, reaching for the phone. "Yes, Andrea!" he said into it, as cheerfully as he could manage.
     "I need to see you in Conference Room Three. Now." Her voice was cold, but then, it always was.
     "Right in the middle of something--can you give me five minutes?"
     "Three." The phone clicked in his ear. Andrea Schad never bothered with goodbye.
     "You cow," he muttered, replacing the receiver.

Books by A.L. Sirois
Dinosaur Dress Up - 1993
Detonator - 1999
Blood Relations - 1999
Blind Ambitions -2000
The Beginnings of Forever - 2000

The Central Park Dinosaurs
Murder in Mennefer
The King's Ghost

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