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A small sample of my comic art. The Wood pages, with my backgrounds, are from All Star Comics #59, back in 1975. I've included both the printed page and the original art. Note my name on the signage. We used to do stuff like that just for fun.

Superman vs. Muhammad Ali A Warped Tale

A word of explanation about the inclusion of the panel from Superman vs. Muhammad Ali: Yes, I worked on this book. Though I came late to the project, I did around 12 pages of backgrounds. Dick Giordano, a friend of Frank McLaughlin, for whom I was working at the time, hired me to finish some backgrounds. Neal Adams penciled the book on plate-finish board: smooth, slick, easy to smudge. I had to be very careful, and I was -- I even rendered some of the background art using a dry-brush approach, in order to preserve his delicate pencil technique. The S insignia on that floating red TV camera is my signature initial, which appears on my cartoon art.

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